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Micro Kickboard Mini Scooter Seat & O-Bar


No need to envy your older brothers’ and sisters’ Mini Kickboard scooter! This clever design is a sturdy seat that clips into a Mini Kickboard scooter, allowing small children to surf the playroom floor with ease. Better still, the attachment "grows" in stages so that a child can first use it as ride-on, then as a small scooter, and finally as a Mini Kickboard, for years of continuous use, and a fantastic value.

The seat is easily attached to a sturdy plastic stem featuring a rounded handle which is then locked into the Mini Kickboard's three-wheeled deck. As your child grows and becomes steadier on their feet, the seat can be removed for use with the (shorter) O-bar handlebar. Once ready to pick up the pace, the plastic stem is simply swapped for a traditional Mini Kickboard T-bar and off they will go.

Ages: 1 to 3 years