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Micro Kickboard Sprite

Color: Black

The Micro Sprite is a smooth-gliding 2-wheel Micro scooter for ages 8 to adult, and, it's one of Micro's highest-rated scooters!

Perfect for school-age children, the Sprite's super-smooth glide and cool colors are why kids love it. The Swiss design and precision engineering make it very stable to ride - there's no shake or rattle when you roll on a Sprite! Great for cruising to the park or school.

The Sprite is foldable and lightweight, at just 5.9lbs, yet very strong, with a max weight capacity of 220lbs. It comes with our patented 2-way kickstand, so parking it is a breeze. Add our Micro Carry Strap for ultimate portability. So compact and lightweight when folded, the Sprite is great for family travel - it can go just about anywhere. 

Available in a range of cool colors and styles. Choose our popular Sprite Classic at $99.99 in a wide range of colors, or our new LED version at $109.99, with a lightup front wheel, also in great colors and patterns, or the Sprite Deluxe Black at $114.99. With its wider handlebars and front light, the Sprite Deluxe has a sophisticated look that older kids and adults might enjoy. 

Note: While the Sprite can hold up to 220 lbs, we would direct larger adults to a more substantial Micro scooter for everyday riding. Examples might be the Micro White, Micro Black, or Flex Series scooter. For larger adults, we recommend the Micro Suspension.

Assembly: The Sprite comes completely assembled, with Micro's patented double-button folding system. To unfold, simply loosen the clamp on the folding mechanism, then push in and hold the 2 buttons on either side of the front wheel.